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Private & Subnet Cellular Networks

Druid’s Raemis solution is a cellular network application, implemented in software on a single platform, with all the features of a public cellular network including voice, messaging and data services.

Raemis is deployed in conjunction with a cellular coverage solution (Pico/Femto cluster) and provides additional value added services to enterprise customers, such as

When Raemis is configured as an enterprise subnet within a mobile operators network, it also provides resilience in that it will continue to provide on site communications services regardless of the health of the macro network.

Druid Raemis Infographic

Private Mobile Networks

In certain territories the telecommunications regulator has made spectrum available for the deployment of private mobile networks. Druid’s Raemis application is a market leader in Europe in the provision of such networks. Typical applications are in the following segments:

  • Healthcare
  • University
  • Transport Hub
  • Retail and Hospitality

Private Mobile Networks are increasingly being deployed to displace DECT, Paging and VoWiFi solutions. The main drivers for this displacement are the superior coverage of cellular technology and the wide variety and relative low cost of mobile devices. In excess of 300 Raemis networks have already been deployed providing 2G and 3G services to enterprise customers. (LTE will be available in Q2, 2013)

Operator Enterprise Subnets

Raemis can also be configured as a private subnet within a mobile operator's network. In this scenario Raemis runs as a value added application on a cluster of Pico/Femto cells providing the following benefits to the enterprise:

  • Enterpise Managed coverage
  • Defined QoS
  • PBX/VoIP integration
  • Workflow management
  • Resilient and survivable service
Private Mobile subnets