Cellular networks are complex beasts, but are considered the state of the art mobile telecommunications technology today and look likely to continue to be so for the foreseeable future. The quality and scale of communications possible with cellular networks is second to none with seamless high-quality mobility for users as they move between cellular radios experiencing little or no service interruption.

The downside is that most cellular network equipment requires highly skilled technicians to configure and maintain, not to mention that integration with enterprise business systems is highly complex. In fact, equipment from incumbent tier 1 vendors usually requires several specialists to set up a single network.

This complexity, along with limited access to unlicensed spectrum, has made it difficult for business users to harness the tremendous potential of private cellular network technology given the cost of ownership and the difficulty in integrating with existing enterprise systems. Druid’s Raemis platform changes all this.

Raemis Interface

Raemis is a cellular software platform that takes cellular radios from any vendor and unifies them into a high-quality mobile network that can be managed easily by IT technicians. The focus is not placed on cellular network elements and interfaces, which are over-engineered for business use cases, but instead on plug and play installation and management. Integration capability with IT management technologies such as LDAP and RADIUS is a key attribute of the platform allowing IT technicians to manage the network in much the same way as they manage their existing IT systems.

Instead of the cumbersome text-based management consoles and the endless Managed Object browsing and configuration that is typical in operating existing cellular network management systems, Raemis presents a clean and intuitive graphical user interface with real-time graphical dashboard to reflect the network status in terms that can be understood by any IT professional. The Raemis platform is at the heart of hundreds of large campus private cellular networks in Europe with 10’s of thousands of mobile business users and 100’s of radios supported on each individual campus. Legacy enterprise mobility solutions really struggle with this scale of the network. Private cellular network technology can handle these large sites with ease and now using Raemis, can be managed by the enterprise IT function. With the upcoming spectrum release enabled by CBRS, Raemis is now coming to the United States with more spectrum and bandwidth available than ever before. Business users with business critical mobile communications needs now have a new tool that delivers quality and scale to their campus networks which they could only dream of until now.

If you would like the opportunity to test drive the Raemis management interface and see how easy it can be to manage a private cellular network, please contact us here .