druid mobile edge computing

5G Wireless Broadband

Adapting cellular to deliver next generation wireless broadband services

Mobile Edge Computing

Druid have been implementing mobile edge computing solutions for over a decade. We are now part of the standardisation process taking place in the ETSI Multi Access Edge computing working group. Druid’s Raemis™ technology platform support the ETSI standards and goes beyond the scope of these standards to implement innovative edge solutions required by enterprise.

Mobile Edge Communications

LTE Fixed Wireless Broadband

Current mobile broadband architecture with centralised packet switching unnecessarily overloads transmission networks and centralised packet switching functions with the increasingly demanding traffic loads generated by todays multimedia applications.

Druid’s Mobile Edge Broadband distributes packet switching functions to the edge of the network, to hub sites or even to base station sites depending on the use case. It reduces load on centralised packet switching gateways and allows high bandwidth networks to be built at a lower cost and with greater quality.


Some example vertical markets include:

  • Wireless Internet Service Providers
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