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Enterprise Campus Communications

Convenient communications for campus private wireless networks

Mobile Enterprise Communications

Existing enterprise campus communications systems fail to deliver business critical mobile communications services in combination with a leading edge user device.

Druid’s Mobile Communications Solution

The solution is Druid’s Enterprise Private Cellular Network. Cellular Small Cell radios managed by a local cellular core network provide the ideal combination of business critical quality of service along with the unparalleled choice of device available with cellular technology. Druid’s integrated REST API makes integrating to other enterprise systems trivial and enables a real time and intuitive management interface for enterprise IT professionals.

Enterprise wireless solutions options

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Wifi is an excellent technology for many enterprise use cases but has serious drawbacks when it comes to carrying business critical mobile communications. High quality mobility has always been a challenge for Wifi to deliver on and interference can also be a serious issue with virtually any smart phone device available today being capable of acting as a Wifi access point and interfering with the enterprise’s business critical communications. Wifi also struggles in outdoor enterprise environments particularly over wide areas of coverage.

Public Cellular provide the same excellent device choice as Private Cellular but falls down on quality of service. Getting good public cellular coverage indoors is increasing difficult especially with modern energy efficient building materials. In addition to this, there are many instances where Public Cellular Networks have failed for extended periods. This can be caused by extreme events such as natural disasters or events like terrorist attacks where network can experience severe congestion.

DECT has provided enterprise customers with a high quality of service over the last few decades, however the device choice and capability for DECT are very limited and broadband data is not supported on DECT devices. DECT as a technology is nearing end of life and will ultimately be replaced by other solutions.

Some example vertical markets include Healthcare including hospitals and assisted living, Government Offices, Enterprise offices, Utilities, University Campus, Hospitality, Theatres, Airports and Remote industry.

Mobile Extension & VPN

Enterprises enjoy secure, managed and convenient communications on their own campus private wireless networks and desire the same capabilities outside their premises.

Druid uses power of standard mobile network interconnection protocols to take control of operator radios resources and put them to use on behalf of the enterprise. It does this while maintaining the same level of control, management and security that the enterprise enjoys on its own private campus networks. It does this without any dependency on the mobile handsets used by the enterprise.

This kind of control allows enterprise to control and record voices calls for example for all their mobile handsets as well as control, record and firewall cellular data sessions by having these sessions pass through their own routers implementing policy defined by their own IT staff.

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Some example vertical markets include:

  • Healthcare including hospitals and assisted living
  • Government Offices
  • Financial Institutions
  • Enterprise offices and Utilities
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