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Public Safety LTE

Migrating from Tetra & P25 to next-generation cellular-based Public Safety Networks

Public Safety LTE Networks

Cellular technology is the future for public safety communications. Tetra and P25 radio technologies are nearing end of life and 4G LTE technology is positioned to take its place. This shift opens a valuable new opportunity for public safety networks : the ability to leverage mobile operator radio networks for public safety usage. This has the potential to dramatically reduce the costs of deploying and maintaining public safety networks but there are significant challenges in maintaining the appropriate quality of service for public safety use cases.

Druid’s Raemis™ technology platform is well-positioned to provide innovative solutions to the challenges in this evolution.

Public Safety Service Provider

Next-generation public safety mobile networks based on 4G LTE could prove expensive to deploy and maintain while using a single mobile operator to deliver public safety network services poses challenges for quality of service.

Druid’s Public Safety Service Provider solution allows public safety users to take advantage of more than one radio network at a time to deliver their services. This improves the coverage footprint and builds in resilience to single operator failures.

Public SafetySome example public safety verticals include emergency response, police and fire service and search and rescue.

Emergency Network

Natural and man-made disasters can cause total failures of mobile networks, weakening the capability to respond to the disaster.

Druid’s Emergency Network enables first responders to create instant emergency mobile networks allowing affected citizens to resume mobile communications and call friends and family in the affected areas. It also opens up capabilities for first responder communications including push to talk, video and telemetry. It further enables search and rescue to locate injured citizens by locating their mobile devices.

Public Safety

Example verticals include Disaster Response and Search & Rescue.

Patrol Communications

Mobile foot patrols need secure, reliable and portable mobile communications with leading edge but cost-effective user devices. The mobile handset is an excellent choice to achieve this balance with a huge selection of devices from the latest smartphones to specialist devices ideally suited for patrol communications use cases.

Druid’s Patrol Communications harnesses the power of 4G LTE as a solution with a lightweight execution of the Druid cellular core network on a portable hardware platform which can be carried in a backpack by one of the foot patrols, hosted on a drone for extended coverage, or installed on a jeep or other mobile vehicle.

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Some example vertical markets include:

  • Border foot patrols
  • Forestry
  • Disaster Response
  • Search and Rescue
  • Defense
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