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Mobile Solutions For Defence

Defence communications, in general, are becoming more data-centric and access to secure mobile broadband communications is a key pillar of any security or defence operation. More organisations are turning to 4G/5G technology to bridge the bandwidth deficiency gap that exists today in security/defence operational scenarios. A key benefit of 4G/5G technology is the wide range of cellular 4G COTS smartphone devices that can be used delivering mobile users a complete mobile broadband experience.


Patrol Communications

Druid’s Raemis 4G platform is ideal for serving a mobile patrol with broadband services. It can be installed on portable toughened platforms designed for either vehicular or battery powered backpack deployment. Raemis is a complete standalone solution that includes management, provisioning and reporting in a single software platform that can be deployed on a variety of commercially available hardware platforms. From power-up, the application can be in services serving users in under 5 minutes and users can be configured and managed locally via an easy to use onboard GUI.


Mesh Networks

With Druid’s mesh networking application, multiple ‘Patrol Communications’ solutions can be meshed together to behave as a single network. This feature facilitates seamless expansion and contraction of the mesh as individual patrols join and leave the network.


Welfare Calling

Providing a dedicated, secure, basecamp mobile service to military and defence personnel based overseas is becoming a basic welfare service. This Raemis solution allows basecamp personnel to use their own devices (fitted with a special SIM card) to maintain contact with family and friends whilst on overseas tour of duty. Personnel can use their devices as normal for voice and data services. Various options are available from fair usage applications for users to satellite backhaul optimisation to minimise backhaul costs.

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