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Remote Industry and Industry 4.0

Extending the reach of cellular IoT networks

Remote Industry 4G/5G Networks

The need for easy, centralized management of mobile & IoT devices and the drive to improve operational efficiency is leading to the automation of communication networks, especially for long-distance communication. Industrial Enterprise customers have to overcome several challenges like cyber security, network reliability, and communication between networks. They also have to consider wiring and maintenance issues. Druid’s private 4G/LTE networks are made to address these issues and deliver a guaranteed quality of service.


Oil & Gas

Druid’s Private 4G/5G Networks are ideal for delivering secure, reliable, broadband wireless connectivity in hazardous and remote environments. Private 4G/5G delivers the consistent QoS for critical IoT Telemetry and remote control functions. Video monitoring, headcam and other broadband applications that are key for remote maintenance and expert support are support as part of the solution. In addition, critical operational voice applications such as PTT are easily integrated with Druid’s platform.



When equipment or process failure/outage can cost $Ms, constant remote monitoring of critical assets is essential. Whether it’s asset tracking, driverless vehicles or telemetry and remote control applications, private 4G/5G networks are the most secure and reliable outdoor wireless connectivity solution. Druid’s platform also provides an integrated (Mobile Edge Computing) MEC gateway to facilitate local break-out for local processing for applications that require secure or very low latency characteristics.


Cargo & Container Tracking

Providing reliable cellular coverage on the high-sea for IoT connected container applications is an expensive and difficult challenge. Druid’s continuous connected container application involves deploying a complete autonomous cellular core on-board and back-hauling via satellite, only the critical data relevant to the container monitoring application. Druid’s solution also includes a ground based authentication application verifying the credentials of the connected SIMs.


Maritime Crew Calling & WMS

Maritime Labour Conventions recommend that seafarers are given “reasonable access” to ship-to-shore telephone communications, email, and internet services while on board vessels. Attracting and keeping experienced and high-quality crew is an ongoing challenge for shipping operators. Druid provides Wireless Maritime Services through our onboard cellular network giving crew managed access to voice, data and messaging services.


Cruiseship Solutions

Druid’s on-board cellular solution can provide mobile roaming services for passengers and integrate with the ships cabin and front office PBX service. Local calls, such as Passenger to cabin are not metered also local breakout to ships on-line services are provided FoC.



Druid’s cellular solution provides autonomous local cellular coverage in any remote industrial environment, Forestry is an ideal example of how the Druid platform can be deployed to provide local Voice, IIoT and asset tracking within the remote industrial environment. Connectivity to the remote site is achieved via satellite optimised back-haul links.


Inflight Cellular Solutions

Druid have extensive experience helping global market leaders provide in-flight cellular services on commercial passenger aircraft. This is a highly specialised market segment and Druid have the technology, experience and know how to deploy and in-flight solution successfully.

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