Druid Software, the leading provider of Private Cellular Network core software solutions for Enterprise, is pleased to announce the Alder Autumn release of our Raemis platform. Since 2001 Druid has been providing technology for Private Networks, MEC and Fixed Wireless in Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Public Utilities, Ports and Maritime, Mining, Oil and Gas, Public Safety, Aircraft and Defense deployments. The Raemis platform is at the core of Druids solutions, offering  3GPP-compliant 5G/4G/3G, overlaid with a suite of proprietary innovations to meet the evolving needs of today’s enterprises.

Focus on 5G

We are proud to announce that with Raemis Alder Autumn release, we have achieved another 5G ‘first’ – the next generation of cellular voice. “Voice-over-New-Radio” or VoNR, is the 5G equivalent of VoLTE and the Raemis IMS now supports VoNR as well as VoLTE as standard. The IMS also integrates easily with any enterprise or cloud-based PBX making any smartphone on the network an enterprise SIP extension. While the ecosystem for industrial and consumer devices supporting 5G and VoNR is in its infancy, achieving this milestone positions Druid as a natural partner for Industry and Academia seeking to innovate and explore the future of 5G in Industrial IoT and beyond. This achievement builds on our 5G SA support released this summer and the 5G NSA functionality introduced earlier in 2019.

Enterprise Slicing

Enterprise Slicing has been a distinctive feature of the Raemis 5G & 4G Platform. This function allows IT or Network administrators to easily create dedicated ‘slices’ of their private network with differentiated Quality of Service, throughput and latency for each slice, then assign individual devices  to each slice. Enterprise Slicing is a key enabler of Secure Communications Critical Communications in Druid networks, from Oil and Gas infrastructure to Hospitals and Assisted Living facilities, as it ensures the critical devices always have the required network performance without interference from other entities on the network. With the Raemis Alder Autumn release, Druid is proud to announce the Enterprise Slicing functionality has been expanded to cover 5G SA and NSA networks running on the Raemis core.

Mobile Edge Computing

Multi-access edge computing (MEC), formerly mobile edge computing, the ETSI-defined network architecture that enables cloud computing capabilities and an IT service environment at the edge of the cellular network  continues to see a lot of innovation with various distribution models being explored by Enterprise, from Cloud Native to high availability data-centers to on-premise deployments at the customer site. The Raemis  “MEC+” configuration provides unparalleled resilience in  the MEC architecture, with the our EDGE platform capable of acting autonomously as a full core in the event that connection with the central core system is lost. The Raemis Alder Autumn release brings further enhancements to the ETSI-MEC model of local data offload, with a new Local Access Gateway (LAGW) component. The LAGW greatly simplifies and enhances the management of local data breakout for devices to their enterprise LANs. It enables these devices to participate with the enterprise LAN at layer 2 (ethernet level), a unique capability of the Raemis LAGW.

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