Druid Software market leader in global private 5G & 4G cellular technology, have successfully supported partners Federated Wireless, a pioneer in CBRS, OnGo shared spectrum technology in their latest testing with Amazon Web Services (AMS) Snowcone devices for edge computing using 3.5Ghz CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Spectrum) spectrum in the United States. Snowcone is the smallest of the AWS Snow Family of edge computing devices. It is used for edge storage and data transfer. It is ideal for use outside of a traditional data centre with its ruggedized, secure, and purpose-built design. Druid’s ability to scale a complete 5G & 4G cellular core network down to run on a device this small and portable make this combination the perfect fit for tight spaces or where portability is a necessity.  For example the backpacks of first responders, or for IoT, vehicular, and even drone use cases. Snowcone is designed for data migration needs up to dozens of terabytes (with up to 8 terabytes per device) and from space-constrained environments where AWS Snowball devices will not fit. “Federated Wireless is a very innovative partner. It is great to be working with their team on another CBRS opportunity for Industry with this ideal edge computing device” commented Druid CEO, Liam Kenny. Iyad Tarazi, President and CEO of Federated Wireless said about the announcement “Druid’s ability to deliver a “MEC+” experience where they have scaled their Raemis 5G/4G core platform down to run on one the smallest devices in the AWS Snow family, is a great example of the agility and the ease of management and control of their core platform.”