DENMARK, Feb. 15, 2021 – Globe Tracker’s Sense Vessel solution developed together with maritime IoT, Wi-Fi and cellular services leader Wireless Maritime Services (WMS), and LTE core network software provider Druid, have announced an expanded feature set for easy-to-use vessel mobile services empowering seafarers to provide superior and safer container management at sea.

The Sense Vessel solution consists of an onboard private 4G LTE cellular network which can wirelessly communicate with Globe Tracker IoT enabled reefer containers on any size vessel, with the ability to monitor containers locally and transmit information over satellite to land based central control centers. These features enable crew members to respond in real-time to container incidents on vessels.

“The manual monitoring of reefer containers at sea is a complex and often inefficient process, and crew safety is always of paramount importance – especially during rough seas .  Onboard wireless IoT networks are simpler, more efficient, reduce potential damage or loss of cargo loads, and provide additional safety to crew members”, said Don Miller, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Globe Tracker.

Globe Tracker Sense Vessel is enhanced with an onboard bay load plan viewer to manage containers from a single console on the bridge. This feature eliminates, or removes, the need for manual inspection. Crew members are also are equipped with mobile devices to allow the receipt and management of alarms and notifications from anywhere on the ship – including cargo holds and crew areas.

“During the global pandemic, seafarers are especially burdened with government COVID-19 restrictions extending their times at sea which impede crew changes and limit access to ports for respite.  Seafarers are the heart of the maritime shipping industry.  They work tirelessly moving ninety percent of global trade so that the world can live, work, and play. The global pandemic has underscored the importance of maritime trade for necessities including perishable food and medicine.” notes Michael Abdul, Vice President of Global Sales for WMS.

“When you put a full featured cellular network on a vessel, the system is not only capable for use in container management, but also creates the core IoT infrastructure for a myriad of other smart vessel applications in the future.  We are proud to be part of this best-in-class industrial solution.” added Tadhg Kenny, Senior Vice President of Marketing & PR at Druid Software.

The Sense Vessel solution is commercially deployed and operational on fleets for multiple ocean lines, and is fully compliant with recent IoT standards for vessel networks.   For more information, please visit Globe Tracker at



About Globe Tracker

Globe Tracker is a privately held Danish company revolutionizing global supply chain visibility. Globe Tracker specializes supply chain tracking, monitoring and cutting-edge sensor technology providing true end-to-end supply chain visibility. Globe Tracker has offices in Denmark, USA, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Singapore and Canada.

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About Wireless Maritime Services (WMS)

Wireless Maritime Services (WMS) enables digital transformation shaping the future of maritime connecting people, data and things through IoT, cellular and Wi-Fi networks at sea. WMS has been a pioneer in wireless maritime network and cellular roaming since 2004 leading in radio frequency (RF) and satellite engineering for some of the most prestigious maritime brands in the world. WMS is headquartered in Miramar, Florida, USA. Additional information about WMS is available at Follow WMS on LinkedIn at Wireless Maritime Services (WMS).

About Druid Software

Druid Software is a core cellular network software company based in Ireland and has evolved into one of the world’s leaders in Private 5G & 4G Cellular technology over the last 20 years. Druids RaemisTM platform is a mature 3GPP compliant 4G/5G core network, with unique features designed specifically for business and mission critical use.  RaemisTM is in use today with ISPs and Enterprises for mission critical use in the U.S, Asia and Europe. Druid technology enables solutions in different areas including enterprise communications, IoT, mobile edge computing, and public safety.

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