MIRAMAR, Fla., Feb. 16, 2021 – Through an integration with Carrier Transicold’s TripLINK™ platform, Wireless Maritime Services (WMS) IoT at Sea vessel network offers enhanced benefits to seafarers and onshore teams by providing uninterrupted, temperature-controlled transport and storage of frozen and perishable goods from producer to consumer.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Carrier Transicold to help drive a healthier, safer, more sustainable cold chain. Our combined solution brings unique capabilities at a critical time when the COVID-19 global pandemic is showing the world the importance of maritime trade for life’s necessities including perishable food and medicine,” said Lee Mabie, Vice President Strategy, Product Development and Marketing for Wireless Maritime Services (WMS).

Willy Yeo, Director of Marketing, Global Container Refrigeration, Carrier Transicold added, “Integrating TripLINK™ with WMS IoT vessel network will deliver greater visibility, efficiency and 24/7 monitoring at sea. For onshore teams using the TripLINK™ application, they can now have global visibility of the exact location of their fleet and remotely manage TripLINK™-enabled containers at sea, thereby giving asset operators and owners alike greater ease of mind, transparency and control over their refrigerated containers.”

Seafarers (crew members) are empowered with a more efficient, easier and safer container management solution at sea. “Seafarers are the heart of maritime shipping. They work tirelessly at sea moving ninety percent of global trade so the world can live, work and play. Today they also face COVID-19 restrictions extending their time at sea, impeding crew changes and limiting access to ports for respite. We are committed to empower seafarers with capabilities to increase efficiency and safety for easier container management at sea,” Mabie noted.

First, crew members will be able to access the TripLINK™ application centrally on the vessel to manage containers wirelessly reducing, or eliminating, the need for manual inspections thus improving safety – especially in rough seas.

Second, equipped with mobile handsets, crew manage container alerts from anywhere on the ship, making the process more efficient. These mobile handsets receive container alarms, allowing the crew to acknowledge the alarm and rectify any potential issues. With TripLINK™’s bay load plan file integration, simple text alarms include the exact container location on the ship and a summary of the alarm, resulting in quicker response time and ultimately minimizing potential cargo loss.

Finally, in the event of satellite outage, continuity of service is maintained on the vessel so crew members can still manage TripLINK™-enabled containers at sea and receive container alerts on their mobile handsets. Druid Software’s Raemis™ platform is integrated with WMS vessel network providing this capability.

This solution by Carrier Transicold and WMS complies with IoT standards for vessel networks.

For more information about the integrated Carrier Transicold TripLINK™ and WMS IoT at Sea solution, please visit wmsatsea.com.

About Wireless Maritime Services (WMS)
Wireless Maritime Services (WMS) enables digital transformation shaping the future of maritime connecting people, data and things through IoT, cellular and Wi-Fi networks at sea. WMS has been a pioneer in wireless maritime network and cellular roaming since 2004 leading in radio frequency (RF) and satellite engineering for some of the most prestigious maritime brands in the world. WMS is headquartered in Miramar, Florida, USA. Additional information about WMS is available at wmsatsea.com. Follow WMS on LinkedIn at Wireless Maritime Services (WMS).

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