RF Connect, a national leader in the US of cellular-based wireless solutions deployed a CBRS enabled OnGo Private LTE wireless network at Memorial Healthcare Systems to provide temporary connectivity to support doctors and nursing staff who are delivering emergency patient care during the COVID-19 response.

Like many hospitals and clinics, Memorial set up triage tents and testing facilities to support a surge in patients. Using Druid Softwares Industry leading 4G private network platform RaemisTM this CBRS OnGo private 4G/LTE network was key to meeting the special needs for temporary data connectivity that doctors and nursing staff needed to deliver emergency patient care during the COVID-19 response.

Enterprise Slicing

Traffic Separation, Load Balancing, and Configurable Quality of Service (QoS)

The Raemis administrator can create multiple Packet Data Networks (PDNs) where  mobile devices can be grouped and assigned priority with an guaranteed quality of service on this Healthcare 4G hospital network.

PDNs enable the following functions:

  • Separation of users: In Raemis, you organize users in logical groups, for example by function (doctors, nurses, and so on) or department (sales, human resources, and so on) or any other logical grouping. You then assign that group to the PDN best suited to support that group’s needs.
  • Load balancing: For performance reasons and to avoid traffic bottlenecks, you can use PDNs to spread the network traffic load across the different enterprise VLANs.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) allocation: You can create PDNs that provide different QoS levels on the 4G network (not the enterprise network) and easily control user access to those PDNs.

Link to CBRS Alliance report on Covid response at Memorial Hospital:

CBRS Alliance Members Give Back in Wake of COVID-19