Founded in 2000 and based near Dublin, Druid has established itself as a global leader in mobile communications solutions, specializing in the development of the Raemis™ software-based mobile communications platform. Raemis™ makes the integration of 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G and Wifi devices from any vendor via standardized interfaces possible and for example makes them usable in campus networks. 

becon has been successfully operating in the IT and telecommunications sector for more than 30 years at its locations in Munich, Berlin and Fulda. With innovative solutions becon helps its customers to digitalize processes and optimize ICT infrastructure. One of these innovative solutions is the KMU Campus Network – a LTE or 5G campus specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Campus networks are private mobile networks that are spanned across a company’s premises or individual buildings. A dedicated campus network can map company-specific network requirements in a highly individualized manner. Be it for remote maintenance of production facilities, communication between machines, control of transport systems, networking of mobile data capturing in logistics or simply for using the typical architectural advantages of (a) bandwidth, (b) low latency, (c) network coverage and (d) data security.

The KMU Campus Network makes campus networks attractive even for small and medium-sized enterprises due to smart integration of multiple vendor products. This is where Raemis™ from Druid plays an important role. Because unlike the major manufacturers in this segment, Raemis™ is not sold with hardware, but runs as software on commodity hardware or – and this is the key advantage – on the company’s own virtual environment or cloud. 

In Berlin, becon operates a 5G test lab with Raemis™ for customers. Here you can experience the added value of a campus network compared to WLAN networking. Beyond these pure infrastructure topics, becon also offers a wide range of possible uses: from AR/VR applications and Industry 4.0/IIoT integration, to the mapping of a so-called digital twin, to the integration of communication solutions such as a TV studio.

5G and campus networks are the future. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy provides a guide for 5G campus networks. If you are interested, becon GmbH will be happy to support and advise you from the first steps to the implementation and operation of a campus network. 

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