Munich, Germany – Congiv GmbH, a leading consulting, solutions and service provider in the IT and Telecommunications industry has partnered with Druid Software, a leading provider of core network solutions, to roll out an industrial communications pilot using Private 5G mobile communications technology at a leading Bavarian broadcasting company.

How do private cellular networks work in Broadcasting?

Private Cellular Networks are already playing a major role for broadcasters worldwide, providing high-speed wireless networking for mobile IT devices and high-resolution voice communications between stage managers, camera operators and others. The Bavarian pilot will build on this and expand into using 5G for high-performance wireless networking of production components like cameras and microphones, and eventually connecting to Outside Broadcast units and local studios. As 5G Campus solutions enable more flexible and dynamic production, the flexibility gained will result in higher productivity.

About the pilot

The pilot will use Druid’s Raemis core platform, which is a 3GPP compliant core network supporting 5G SA, NSA and 4G with unique features designed specifically for enterprise critical communications. The platform is differentiated by its ability to easily prioritize and “slice” devices to provide them with the guaranteed quality of service required for business or mission critical use cases.

“5G Campus networks are revolutionising industrial communications across multiple business verticals today,” said Nizar Zalila, CTO of Congiv GmbH. “This collaboration with Druid Software enables us to showcase the flexibility of 5G Private Network technology and how it can be used to deliver productivity improvements outside the traditional factory or warehouse environment.”

“The 5G Broadcast Studio pilot is breaking new ground in modern Television and  Media production” commented David O’Byrne, Business Development Manager at Druid Software. “With ultra-low latency and high-speed connectivity, the complexity of managing a television studio can be massively reduced. Our private 5G network solutions enable enterprises to leverage the full power of 5G while integrating 5G devices easily into existing voice communications systems. We are excited to partner with Congiv GmbH to showcase the power and potential of 5G for Media.”

About Congiv GmbH:
CONGIV is a consulting, solutions and service partner in the IT and telecommunications industry. Part of the ROBUR group, Congiv has decades of experience at all levels of the IT and telecommunications industry and offers customers the security of a proven international track record. Congiv offers comprehensive know-how and proven project management methods as well as access to extensive testing resources. CONGIV is the ideal partner for turn-key projects and the takeover of modular service packages.

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About Druid Software:
Druid Software is a leading provider of core network solutions, enabling enterprises to leverage the full power of 5G. With a focus on performance, security, and scalability, Druid Software’s solutions are trusted by businesses worldwide.

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