The forthcoming Third Annual Utility Broadband Alliance (UBBA) Summit and Plugfest is set to amplify the successes achieved in previous events.  Taking part in the UBBA Summit & Plugfest offers attendees an invaluable opportunity to connect with utilities from across North America.

Druid’s Portable Private Cellular Network

Join us at the 3rd annual UBBA Summit & Plugfest 2023 and stop by our booth #58 to delve into insights & use cases for our portable private cellular network, technology innovations, thought leadership and explore networking opportunities.

With our extensive experience and expertise in critical communications in the utilities sector, our team will present a portable private cellular network at the event. This all-in-one solution provides the infrastructure for critical communications. It enables secure and dedicated voice, data, and messaging services in scenarios where regular coverage is limited or unavailable. Portable private cellular network is a self-contained and compact communication solution that allows you to deploy a private 4G/5G mobile network quickly and easily.

The Druid portable private cellular network contains all the necessary hardware, software, RAN (Radio Access Network), and antennas to facilitate a complete 4G/5G private cellular network. Once the network is powered up, attach the antennas and install the Raemis™ SIMs into your cellular devices such as drones, push-to-talk devices, laptops, and remote monitoring devices to connect to the network.

Providing the network in the Innovation Zone

And this year UBBA is taking connectivity to the next level in the Innovation Zone with the Druid Software and Nokia technologies. Throughout the event, Druid and Nokia will collaborate to provide the wireless network in the Innovation Zone, enabling exhibitors to demonstrate their critical utility solutions. 

Raemis™, Druid’s core network platform, has features designed specifically for private network deployments like Built-in REST API, network slicing, scalability from 10s of connected devices to 10s of thousands of connected devices, all while being capable of running on commercial off the shelf servers. Raemis is radio agnostic and can be used with hardware from any RAN vendor.

Druid will deploy its Raemis™ Core Network Software integrated with the Nokia RAN to operate the Innovation Zone’s wireless CBRS network. Raemis™ provides the user and SIM authentication, packet data routing, end user interconnectivity and communication sessions. In addition, Druid will provide SIMs for device connectivity to the Innovation Zone Network.

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