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BRAY, Republic of Ireland and Bengaluru, India – Oct 26th, 2023 – Druid Software, the leading global provider of private cellular network core software solutions for enterprise, announces its partnership with Lekha Wireless Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a Bengaluru-based OEM of mobile wireless access products. Together, Druid and Lekha will roll out advanced Private 5G (P5G) Networks across India, and worldwide.

P5G networks provide cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions to  manufacturers, public sector enterprises and government entities  in factory automation, mining, ports, transport operations monitoring and control, personal medical device monitoring, and private enterprise voice and video connectivity.

The Raemis Technology Platform from Druid

Druid’s cellular solutions for business are built on its Raemis™ technology platform, which is a set of cellular software assets originally crafted by Druid’s engineers and optimized for business use cases. The Raemis ™ platform harnesses 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, and WiFi radios from any vendor to implement standalone cellular core network solutions.

The Druid Raemis™ core platform is a 3GPP-compliant core network supporting 5G SA, NSA, and 4G with unique features designed specifically for enterprise-critical communications. For example, the platform is differentiated by its ability to easily prioritize and “slice” devices while providing them with a guaranteed quality of service. Raemis scales up as easily as it scales down, enabling the setup of small or very large private networks.

Raemis™  can be deployed on edge hardware devices or in high-dependency cloud-native environments. This flexibility is key for certain highly resilient mobile use cases or customers who do not want their data on the public cloud. Built on an open REST API, Raemis provides easy integration to enterprise-critical applications and makes private networks simple to use and manage with a user-friendly dashboard. 

O-RAN Solutions from Lekha

Lekha’s O-RAN Split 7-2x compliant Rel-16 5G products support high throughput, low jitter,  low latency and device mobility. vRAN controller functions are deployed on COTS servers and support 256QAM, TDD & FDD, and up to 8 layers. 

Lekha’s maRUt RU portfolio offers a range of Category A indoor low-power (up to 250mW/antenna) and outdoor high-power (up to 20w/antenna) RUs in IP65/IP62 enclosures, and with internal/external antennas. They support FR1 N78 band (outdoor RU) and FR1 N1, N28 and N78 (indoor RU),  up to 100MHz bandwidth,  numerology 0 & 1, and IEE1588 synchronization. 

An EMS is provided for remote fault, configuration and performance monitoring, with NETCONF/YANG connectivity to RAN functional elements and  REST APIs northbound. Upcoming features include subscriber trace and Minimization of Drive Test functionality.

Druid Software and Lekha Wireless at IMC 2023

Druid and Lekha are participating  at IMC23 in New Delhi from Oct. 27th – 29th, showcasing key 5G use cases, live,  and are available to discuss this collaboration further with interested partners.

“Our Raemis software delivers the advanced features that are required for leading-edge private networks, such as REST API support, fully virtualized deployments, customizable technology, 5G support, and network slicing,” said Tadhg Kenny, President of Strategic Partnerships at Druid Software. “We are taking advantage of Lekha’s carrier-grade 5G O-RAN, O-RU solution to help us deliver the critical business use cases to Enterprise in India. Replicating the many examples we have been deploying all over the world in Healthcare, with Energy Providers, Transport and logistics,  Defence and Security, Emergency Response, Hospitality, Industrial IoT, Manufacturing, Mining, Utilities, Education, Aeronautical, Maritime, Aerospace and with Telecoms Operators.”

“Lekha’s Indian-made and standards-compliant 5G O-RAN solution enables enterprises and government establishments to not only meet technical objectives, but also strategic imperatives such as risk mitigation, complying with regulatory requirements, and attaining heightened flexibility and agility”, said Ramu TS, Founder-Director of Lekha Wireless. “With the partnership with Druid, we are now able to take these benefits to the global market, and cost-effectively.”

About Druid Software 

Druid Software, headquartered in Ireland, is an industry-leader in private cellular network technology, and provides enterprise-grade core network platform to advance connectivity and enable simplified private network management.

For almost 25 years, customers and partners worldwide have chosen Raemis ™ platform to connect applications, devices and radios benefiting from enhanced security, performance, and cost-efficiency.

Raemis™ platform is a mature 3GPP compliant 5G & 4G core network, with unique features designed specifically for business and mission-critical use across all industries. Druid’s technology enables solutions in different areas including Enterprise Communications, IoT, Mobile Edge Computing, Neutral Host, Public Safety and more.

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About Lekha Wireless Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

Lekha Wireless, Bengaluru,, is a leading Indian OEM of  4G & 5G RAN infrastructure, industrial network solutions and Software Defined Radio (SDR) products for defense communication. Started in 2010, Lekha is focussed on research and development of wireless connectivity technologies, and actively participates in 5G Advanced and 6G standardization. Lekha has  received multiple patents in 4G and 5G technologies, is a member of the TSDSI Indian SDO, and is a founding member of the Bharat 6G Alliance.  

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