Druid and Rohill’s Hybrid TETRA & 4G/5G solution on display at PMRExpo in Cologne.

Druid Software, the industry-leader in private cellular network technology, and Rohil Engineering, supplier of leading-edge TETRA radio communication solutions, joined their efforts to integrate TETRA based private narrowband (PMR) networks with 4G/5G private broadband networks. This integration provides freedom of choice of current and future technologies and enables seamless transition to broadband for all mission critical users when the 4G/5G networks and applications deliver the required mission-critical scalability, availability, performance and security.

The partnership between Druid and Rohill is built on the compatibility and strength of their platforms, demonstrating exceptional adaptability and technological innovation. Both companies have embraced open standards to avoid potential risks associated with vendor lock-in. The Raemis™ platform, Druid’s core network, harnesses 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G and WiFi radios from any vendor to implement standalone cellular core network solutions. It also integrates with mobile network operators using standard interfaces giving access to all of the radio resources of these operators. The Raemis™ platform adheres to 3GPP standards and stands out for its flexibility, slicing capabilities, interoperability, and simplified deployment and testing options, making it a compelling choice for private network deployments.

With the Druid Reamis core, the customer has access to a wide choice of validated radio access networks. The TetraNode product program of Rohill allows the customer to select their preferred terminals and to benefit from the open 3GPP standard based Rohill Interconnecting Gateway to select the best-in-class Mission Critical broadband application.

PPT Radios and Mobile Handsets for Hybrid TETRA and 4G/5G solutions at PMRExpo.

At PMR Expo Druid and Rohill are presenting a fully integrated narrowband and broadband network solution. This solution is based on the Rohill TetraNode Rapid Deployment System which includes a full TetraNode, Raemis™ 4G/5G core and a Mission Critical Application Server.

Key features of the solution:

  • Seamless integration of private narrowband (PMR) and 4G/5G private broadband networks.
  • Hybrid rapid deployment system for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR),
  • Vendor neutral: Open Standards &  best-of-class multi-vendor solutions with benefits of flexibility, reduced costs, and enhanced innovation capabilities.
  •  3GPP standards: adherence to the standards to ensure interoperability & compatibility.

As a visitor to the PMR expo, at our booth B-025a, you can experience & test the seamless integration between TETRA narrowband and 4G/5G broadband networks. The team will demonstrate the operation and interworking of Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT) and Mission Critical Data (MCDATA) services on both TETRA and 4G/5G networks as well as Mission Critical Video (MC-Video) on the 4G/5G network.
The demonstration shows the ultimate mix, suitable for both mission and business critical communication to be used in a variety of market verticals, including Industries, Seaports, Airports, Oil and Gas, Public Safety and more. This enables new broadband applications, enabling better situation awareness by the use of video, drones, AR/VR, Robotics and IOT.

About Druid
Druid Software, founded in 2000 and headquartered in Ireland, is the industry-leader in private cellular network technology, and provides enterprise-focused core network platforms to advance connectivity and enable simplified private network management.
For almost 25 years, customers and partners worldwide have chosen the Raemis™ platform to connect applications, devices and radios benefiting from enhanced security, performance, and cost-efficiency.
The Raemis™ platform is in use today by ISPs and Enterprises for mission-critical environments all over the world. Druid’s technology enables solutions in different areas including Enterprise Communications, IoT, Mobile Edge Computing, Neutral Host and Public Safety.
For more information, email enquiries@druidsoftware.com or please visit our website.

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About Rohill
Rohill Engineering B.V. has been active for 48 years as a Dutch communication technology company dedicated to the development, supply and support of professional mobile communication systems for mission-critical applications worldwide.
Over the years Rohill has gained a strong reputation in supplying leading-edge TETRA radio communications solutions to mission critical environments. Rohill SUMMUM solutions on the basis of open standards allow our customers to benefit from best-of-class MCX and 4G/5G broadband services, offering independent technology sourcing and robust cyber security.
Rohill solutions are supplied worldwide through partners and system integrators to verticals including Public Safety (PPDR), Public Transport, Oil & Gas, Utilities and Industry.
For more information, email info@rohill.com or visit our website.