February 12th, 2024, Dublin, Ireland – Druid Software, a cellular core network software company and global leader in 4G and 5G Private Networks and Telcofan, a leading consultancy and system enabler for Private Networks, are long time partners to support the delivery of private network solutions for businesses. The partnership has proven to work by implementing new innovations, such as the first 5G Private Network in 2020 and by solving crucial technical challenges associated with building Private Networks as well as.

Both teams will attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 26-29. Telcofan will conduct live demonstrations at the Druid Software stand, 6C40, hall 6, on a daily basis at 16:00 local time. Attendees are encouraged to schedule  a meeting or contact us for more information.

In collaboration with Druid, Telcofan successfully delivered comprehensive end-to-end solutions for Private Network SIMs and performance management. Using a web-based SIM management platform, organisations can easily activate roaming between public and private networks as well as to use national public networks as a backup, reducing the risk of downtime. This allows to implement use cases that require end-to-end connectivity, such as asset tracking and mission-critical applications. There is no need for operator agreements and the Private Network will always be the priority in case of overlapping coverage.

The unique solution works with only one smart SIM card that will seamlessly switch between private and public networks regardless of the type of device providing continuity of business applications while roaming national or international.

“Private networks, particularly in the case of 5G, promise to transform businesses like manufacturing and logistics, but technical complexity can be a barrier to adoption,” says Lieven Vanthomme, Managing Director at Telcofan. “Telcofan is helping operators, system integrators and Enterprises on all steps of the process from frequency application to integration and performance management. Together with a partner such as Druid Software, continuous development to make Private Networks more efficient and easier to manage effectively is possible and proven with many customers. Our lightweight monitoring is an excellent example of that”.

“Working hand in hand with Telcofan, Druid Software is committed to unraveling the intricate technical challenges highlighted by Lieven Vanthomme. Together, we are laying the foundation for the manufacturing and logistics sectors to fully exploit the transformative power of 5G,” commented Tadhg Kenny, President of Strategic Partnerships at Druid Software. He added, “We are dedicated to simplifying the management of private networks, ensuring the profound potential of 5G technology is not just a promise but a tangible reality for businesses across the globe.”

About Druid Software
Druid Software, founded in 2000 and headquartered in Ireland, is the industry-leader in private cellular network technology and provides an enterprise-grade core network platform to advance connectivity and enable simplified private network management.

Customers & partners globally use Druid’s Raemis™ to connect applications, devices and radios benefiting from enhanced security, performance, and cost-efficiency.

Raemis™ platform is a mature 3GPP compliant 5G & 4G core network designed specifically for business and mission-critical use across all industries.

Druid’s technology enables solutions in different areas including enterprise communications, IoT, mobile edge computing, public safety and more. For more information, please visit www.druidsoftware.com or email enquiries@druidsoftware.com.


About Telcofan
Telcofan provides consultancy and cost-effective 4G & 5G Mobile Private Network solutions including mobile data & IoT connectivity. We provide expert advice to enterprises, system integrators, vendors, and mobile operators. With our carefully selected partners we also provide all necessary components of a mobile private 4G or 5G network and offer seamless roaming as well as service monitoring. For more information, visit www.telcofan.be