Figure1: iPhone successfully connected to MKI's Private 5G network which was built using Raemis™

Figure1: iPhone successfully connected to MKI’s Private 5G network which was built using Raemis™

Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd. (MKI) and Druid Software have verified that iPhone/iPad can connect to Private 5G network and seamlessly switch to public cellular network in Japan. The solution was built using the Druid Software core network technology, Raemis ™.

Figure 2: Face Time application via Private 5G is used in MKI’s office.

Given the prevalence of Apple devices among mobile handsets in Japan, this capability will be accessible to a wide range of users, encompassing the majority of devices. Additionally, leveraging capabilities of private cellular networks provides enterprises with all the well-established advantages like enhanced security, improved network reliability and increased control of the network.

Figure 3: Incoming call via Public 4G (Secondary Carrier) triggered seamless switch from Private 5G (Primary Carrier).

MKI has shown that it’s possible to add Private 5G capability easily onto their enterprise network and applications like Face Time can be used in the actual business environment. In addition, voice communication has been tested by leveraging Dual SIM between Private 5G and Public 4G. When the phone call is triggered, iPhone goes switching carrier from Private 5G to Public 4G. The background of this is that iPhone in Private 5G can establish session only for data communication at present. MKI and Druid Software have verified this kind of hybrid operation is feasible to enable voice communication capability and extend its cellular network coverage outside of the office.



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About Druid Software

Druid Software, established in 2000 and headquartered in Ireland, is focused on making private 5G simple and accessible fostering a collaborative ecosystem approach, bringing together the vast capabilities of hyperscalers, the innovation of top-tier device and infrastructure providers, and the expertise of system integrators like MKI.

Druid’s Raemis™, the core network platform, is a mature 3GPP-compliant 4G/5G core network platform that harnesses 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, and Wi-Fi radios from any vendor to streamline the implementation of standalone networks. It is designed for mission and business-critical communications ensuring high-quality service including capabilities for prioritization and network slicing. In addition, Raemis™ scales up as easily as it scales down, enabling the set-up of small or very large private networks, and it can be deployed on edge hardware devices or in high-dependency cloud-native environments. Built on REST API, Raemis™ facilitates seamless integration with critical applications and simplifies private network management via an intuitive user-friendly dashboard.