to prove integration of RAN and Core Network for Advanced 5G NTN Services

The satellite industry is looking for packaged and verified NTN infrastructure solutions and by combining the best of two worlds, that’s exactly what the result should be. The MOU between Druid Software and Gatehouse Satcom marks a significant milestone in enabling seamless NTN connectivity leveraging 3GPP Release 17 standards.

March 21, 2024 – Dublin/Aalborg. Gatehouse Satcom and Druid Software are excited to announce a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that signifies their collaborative efforts to enhance Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) services. This partnership aims to integrate satellite and terrestrial network solutions, focusing on creating a more accessible and interoperable infrastructure for the satellite communications industry.

A Unified Solution Benefitting Satellite Operators

The collaboration is set to deliver:

  • The joint development of a solution that integrates Gatehouse Satcom’s satellite Radio Access Network (RAN) with Druid’s Raemis™ core network platform, tailored to enable robust NTN services in line with the latest 3GPP Release 17 standards.
  • A tested and verified NTN infrastructure solution, offering satellite operators a comprehensive, streamlined path to verifying and deploying advanced NTN connectivity services.
  • An opportunity for both companies to perform tests on the combined solution improving the quality of the joint project as well as enhancing the quality of each company’s individual services.

Market Impact

The initiative is poised to provide satellite operators with a fully integrated, out-of-the-box solution. This unique offering addresses a critical industry gap by eliminating the complexity and challenges associated with piecing together disparate systems to enable global connectivity. By ensuring interoperability and ease of deployment, Gatehouse Satcom and Druid Software are setting a new standard for the satellite communications ecosystem.

VP Commercial Jesper Noer of Gatehouse Satcom stated, “Through our partnership with Druid Software, we are excited to bring to the market a solution that not only meets the technical demands of 5G NTN services but also simplifies the operational challenges faced by satellite operators. Our two companies really complement each other, and we are excited to offer shared clients a complete NTN solution with marks of the best in both core and RAN combined”.

Richard Swardh, VP of Sales for Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) at Druid Software commented, “Our collaboration is built on a foundation of interoperability and ease of use. We are committed to delivering a solution that enables satellite operators to seamlessly integrate our combined technologies, heralding a new era of connectivity solutions.”

Shaping the Next Frontier in 5G NTN Innovation

Leveraging Gatehouse Satcom’s expertise in advanced satellite communication solutions and Druid’s prowess in core network technologies for 4G/5G and IoT applications, this partnership epitomizes the fusion of individual strengths to develop a comprehensive NTN infrastructure solution. Their collaboration not only addresses the immediate demands of today’s complex communication landscape but also lays the foundational stones for the next generation of global connectivity networks.

About Gatehouse Satcom

Gatehouse Satcom is a premier provider of satellite communication solutions, offering a software platform that enables efficient connectivity for non-terrestrial networks. Their expertise in satellite systems, including GEO and LEO, positions them as a key player in the advancement of global communication infrastructures. For more information, email

About Druid Software

Druid Software is the industry-leader in private cellular network technology providing an enterprise-grade core network platform that advances connectivity and enables simplified private network management. Druid’s Raemis™ is used globally to connect applications, devices and radios delivering enhanced security, performance, and cost-efficiency. For more information, email


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