Apr 3, 2024 – Slovenia’s industrial landscape is undergoing a groundbreaking transformation as T-2 unveils the nation’s inaugural private 5G SA system at Cablex-T in Tržič. The pioneering deployment marks a significant leap forward in smart factory initiatives, promising unparalleled advancements in production optimization and market responsiveness.

Nejc Gorinšek, CEO of Cablex-T, expressed confidence in harnessing 5G’s cutting-edge capabilities to revolutionize manufacturing processes. “The test results of the private 5G SA system in our factory confirm that we will be able to take advantage of all the advanced functionalities of 5G technology to optimize production processes and respond faster to changes in the market.”

Behind this technological milestone lies Bivocom’s expertise in IoT and industrial communication, empowering T-2 to realize its vision of a robust, ultra-low latency network infrastructure tailored to modern industrial demands.

Aleksander Bergant, head of T-2’s product and innovation sector, hailed the completion of the compact 5G SA system’s development as a milestone in smart factory modernization. He emphasized the system’s innovative integration, transcending the confines of a mere private 5G SA network to establish a comprehensive smart infrastructure.

T-2’s innovative solution boasts superior cybersecurity, redundant architecture for uninterrupted operations, and a built-in Industrial IoT platform, offering unparalleled reliability and productivity enhancements. Compared to traditional cable connections, T-2’s 5G SA system promises faster, more secure connectivity, facilitating seamless digitization of production processes while minimizing space usage and maintenance costs.

Key advantages of 5G SA over commercial 5G NSA networks include independence from legacy 4G networks, lower latency crucial for real-time applications, enhanced security, and greater flexibility for innovation and development.

This groundbreaking solution by T-2 serves as the linchpin for modernizing production processes in line with Industry 4.0 standards. Its integration of advanced technologies and concepts, such as the Industrial IoT-Platform, ensures readiness for the impending Industry 5.0 era.

Druid Softwares Regional Sales Director in Slovenia, Tadej Dragaš commented on the announcement “we are very excited about our Raemis 5G core being centrally involved in this innovative project. Acting as a central nervous system, T-2’s system securely connects industrial components, paving the way for seamless integration of future technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, facilitating secure digital transformation of production environments.”