This panel session with German system integration experts will examine how private 5G networks are being used for Industrial automation. Often identified as the main beneficiary of what 5G and advanced connectivity can offer: reliable connectivity, reduced latency and increased speed – all central requirements for supporting production critical processes. When deployed in closely monitored and controlled environments, such as factories, the design and requirements of the private network is more straightforward, the manufacturing industry is showing more and more “pull” for private networks.

Innovation in Industry 4.0 stands to benefit greatly from private networks and advanced connectivity; intersecting with Cloud infrastructure, IoT, automation and Digital Twins; plus increased security and data sovereignty.

This panel will focus on the key challenges they are facing when designing and deploying 5G private networks for the manufacturing sector, learnings from established testbeds, and how they see the market growing.

Thursday, September 16th, 11:30 CET