Druids Raemis 5G core platform supports Node-H GmbH for the latest industry 4.0 use cases for German manufacturer

Wicklow, Ireland and Munich, Germany – February 26th, 2023 – Druid Software, the leading provider of private cellular network core software solutions for the enterprise, today announced their collaboration with Node-H GmbH, a specialist developer of RAN software, including 5G NR, The Node-H carrier-grade software powers the standalone, fully-integrated, low-cost 5G Enterprise Small Cell, which operates in the widely-used n78 frequency band. This collaboration helps to address the 5G SA use cases in Germany’s BMWK-sponsored CampusOS project. The CampusOS project seeks to address the needs of German 5G Campus networks with particular emphasis on manufacturing and factory automation use cases.

The Druid Raemis core platform is a 3GPP compliant core network supporting 5G SA, NSA and 4G with unique features designed specifically for enterprise critical communications. For example, the platform is differentiated by its ability to easily prioritize and “slice” devices while providing them with a guaranteed quality of service. Interoperability with any small cell RAN vendor, with 34 x 5G small cells tested with Raemis to date, gives partners greater options to choose from indoor or outdoor specialists. Raemis scales up as easily as it scales down, enabling the setup of small or very large private networks.

Raemis can be deployed on edge hardware devices or in high dependency cloud native environments. This flexibility is key for certain highly resilient mobile use cases or customers who do not want their data on the public cloud. Built on an open REST API, Raemis provides easy integration to enterprise critical applications and makes private networks simple to use and manage with a user-friendly dashboard.  To learn more about the Druid Raemis core platform, visit here.

Node-H’s 5G SA RAN software builds on years of experience deploying 3G and 4G enterprise RAN products in the networks of senior mobile operators. The cells are based on the lowest cost SoC solutions, built by skilled manufacturers who specialize in high volume manufacturing at low cost. The standard All-in-One approach makes for simple deployment, based on the O-RAN management approach, and still allows a disaggregated O-RAN split 2 configured deployment.

Node-H has partnered with Druid Software to ensure that the RAN and core are seamlessly integrated, and provide a robust but flexible basis upon which to build a 5G eco-system. Multiple System Integrators in Germany and Europe are using the combination of Druid and Node-H as the basis of their 5G SA offerings in Public and Private Networks.

“The collaboration with Node-H and T&W helps facilitate BMWK’s CampusOS project in its aim to compile a list of 5G Campus Network building blocks.,” Druid Software CEO Liam Kenny said. “One project for a major German manufacturing brand we can’t disclose yet, will be using our Raemis platforms slicing capabilities to prioritize some of their manufacturing use cases.”

“We are excited to work with Druid Software to accelerate the availability of feature rich 5G SA Private Networks that are tuned to the needs of Germany industry”, Node-H CEO Mike Cronin said. “Our involvement in the CampusOS project has given us a deeper insight into what matters to support the use cases in a range of market verticals, but with the emphasis on manufacturing. For example, our 5G SA cells can be configured to maximize uplink bandwidth allowing AGVs to send camera streams to AI-based servers to lower cost and improve operational security in the factory.”

This Node-H and Druid Software collaboration brings 5G SA Core platform and Enterprise Small cells together as a turnkey disaggregated solution to public mobile operator use cases. It also provides the foundation to rapidly address Private 5G networks in vertical markets such as Enterprise real-estate, Industry 4.0 or Campus networks.


About Druid:

Druid Software is a core cellular network software company based in Ireland. Established in 2000 Druid has evolved into one of the world’s leaders in Private 5G & 4G Cellular technology over the last 20 years. Druids RAEMISTM platform is a mature 3GPP compliant 4G/5G core network, with unique features designed specifically for business and mission critical use.

Druid’s mature RAEMIS platform is in use today by ISPs and Enterprises for mission critical environments in the U.S, EMEA, LATAM and Asia Pac. Druid technology enables solutions in different areas including enterprise communications, IoT, mobile edge computing, and public safety.

For more information, email enquiries@druidsoftware.com or please visit druidsoftware.com. To stay up to date with everything private networks following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube


About Node-H:

Node-H is a specialist software developer of RAN software, including 5G NR. Node-H software is deployed in operator networks around the world, including the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Node-H software drives Europe’s largest small cell deployment, with over 4 million small cells.

Node-H’s focus is now on 5G SA RAN for Campus Networks. Node-H-based cells are available now and support various O-RAN techniques to be good neighbors in a heterogenous Network environment. Node-H is a member of the core team of the BMWK’s CampusOS Project, which brings together many of the top companies in Germany to perfect the technology of Campus Networks. This involves interacting with large and small players to ensure that the Node-H RAN technology is seamlessly integrated with the technology from other players in the industry.

For more information, email info@node-h.com or visit node-h.com.


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