Druids Raemis 5G core technology and Airspan Networks have been partnering since 2021 to provide cutting edge Private 5G network technology for Enterprises all over the world.  At MWC 2022 Airspan will be demonstrating their award-winning 5G Network in a Box/Starter kit powered by Druid’s Raemis 5G core platform. The solution enables organizations to easily set up their Private 5G networks and test the latest use cases to drive operational efficiencies and digital transformation.

WICKLOW, IRELAND – MWC 2022 – February 28, 2022 Druid Software, the leading provider of private cellular network core software solutions for enterprise, and Airspan Networks Inc, a U.S.-based provider of groundbreaking, disruptive software and hardware and a subsidiary of Airspan Networks Holdings Inc. (NYSE American:MIMO) demonstrate their latest Private 5G and 4G solutions for Enterprise at MWC 2022.

With nearly 40 innovation award-winning Airspan 5G Network in a Box/5G Starter Kits deployed globally to date to meet various use case requirements, including Industry 4.0, connected vehicles and logistics for 5G/Open RAN private network deployments, Druid and Airspan are contributing to the rapid private networks expansion, promoting 5G adoption, and accelerating the Open RAN ecosystem worldwide.

Some examples of their collaboration published to date include:

  • Opticoms Munich Co-Creation Lab: Druids Raemis 5GC and Airspan’s vRAN combined for this 5G Starter Kit powering this private network testbed to integrate the latest networking, cloud and edge computing
  • Sony/Mitsui successfully operated Sony’s Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) technology in a stand-alone environment, using Airspan’s and Druids Raemis 5GC
  • 5G ENCODE/Zeetta Networks: a great example of Druid and Airspan playing a key role in another wireless network first, as the combination of the Raemis exclusive 5GC core platform along with the Airspan OpenRANGE RAN power these innovative 5G manufacturing use cases
  • umlaut: umlaut is installing its first 5G campus network in Aachen, Germany, leveraging the benefits of this combined 5G Starter Kit. Kit is helping to power its stand-alone network, which will be used to test a wide range of potential applications in telecommunications, logistics, manufacturing, health & life sciences, utilities and many other industries
  • Mugler: The TU Kaiserslautern is using the 5G Starter Kit to deploy several Private Networks for indoor and outdoor coverage with the latest technology as part of a 5G research project in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The 5G research project is funded by the BMVI (the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure).

The collaboration by these two market leaders gives enterprises the ability to seize the private 5G opportunity by enabling businesses to easily set up a 5G private network to test their business-critical processes.  Built with 3GPP protocols, this private 5G network solution takes advantage of encrypted security and protection of data to reduce threats. It also utilizes the ability of 5G to deliver unmatched reliability and coverage with seamless connectivity.

The Druid Raemis core platform component in this solution is a 3GPP compliant 4G/5G core network with unique features designed specifically for enterprise critical communications. For example, the platform is differentiated by its ability to easily prioritize and “slice” devices while providing them with a guaranteed quality of service. Raemis scales up as easily as it scales down, enabling the setup of small or very large private networks.

Raemis can be deployed on edge hardware devices or in high dependency cloud native environments. This flexibility is key for certain highly resilient mobile use cases or customers who do not want their data on the public cloud. Built on an open REST API, Raemis provides easy integration to enterprise critical applications and makes private networks simple to use and manage with a user-friendly dashboard.

Derek Gallagher & Tadhg Kenny (Druid), Abel Mayal & Giuseppe Bernini (Airspan)

“This 5G collaboration between Druid and Airspan Networks builds on all the business we have done over almost a decade with 4G technology and helps to accelerate enterprise innovation with 5G for next-gen performance,” Druid Software SVP of Partnerships Tadhg Kenny said.

The Airspan 5G Starter Kit powered by Druid is a fully functional 5G Stand Alone (SA) Open RAN network solution that fits in a box, making it easy to get started with 5G. The innovation resides in the Kit’s simplicity and flexibility. A customer can turn on a 5G SA Private Network in just days – not months. As leaders in 5G private networks Druid and Airspan understand that integration is one of the main challenges for faster adoption, which is why they provide this plug & play deployment capability together, reducing time to market.

The Starter Kit’s software updates include the latest features from 3GPP and the O-RAN Alliance, support CUPS to bring deployment flexibility for privacy or lower latency requirements and are designed to reach up to 2.4 Gbps of throughput using 100 MHz bandwidth in sub-6GHz spectrum.

“Airspan is seeing tremendous interest from enterprises in using our 5G Network in a Box/Starter Kit for private network deployments, providing a great opportunity for innovation and acceleration of deployed use cases,” said Airspan SVP of Technology and Marketing Abel Mayal. “Airspan is a leader in private network deployments, and working closely with Druid, leverages our disruptive 5G software, hardware and air interfaces to offer customers end-to-end 5G and Open RAN solutions including numerous 5G enterprise use cases at scale.”

Druid Software and Airspan Networks plan further 5G innovations in 2022, focusing on their success together addressing the digital divide, Utilities, Energy Providers, and Industry 4.0 use cases bringing to market the best 5G starter kit and end to end platform capability. To inquire about availability of this solution, contact Druid here.


About Druid:

Druid Software is a core cellular network software company based in Ireland. Established in 2001 Druid has evolved into one of the world’s leaders in Private 5G & 4G Cellular technology over the last 20 years. Druids RAEMISTM platform is a mature 3GPP compliant 4G/5G core network, with unique features designed specifically for business and mission critical use.

Druid’s mature RAEMISTM platform is in use today by ISPs and Enterprises for mission critical environments in the U.S, EMEA, LATAM and Asia Pac. Druid technology enables solutions in different areas including enterprise communications, IoT, mobile edge computing, and public safety. For more information, please visit www.druidsoftware.com or stay up to date with everything private network related by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Druid Media Contact:

Tadhg Kenny

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+353 87 684 5146


About Airspan Networks:

Airspan Networks Holdings Inc. (NYSE American: MIMO) is a U.S.-based provider of groundbreaking, disruptive software and hardware for 5G networks, and a pioneer in end-to-end Open RAN solutions that provide interoperability with other vendors. As a result of innovative technology and significant R&D investments to build and expand 5G solutions, Airspan believes it is well-positioned with 5G indoor and outdoor, Open RAN, private networks for enterprise customers and industrial use applications, fixed wireless access (FWA), and CBRS solutions to help mobile network operators of all sizes deploy their networks of the future, today. With over one million cells shipped to 1,000 customers in more than 100 countries, Airspan has global scale. For more information, visit www.airspan.com.


Airspan Media Contact:

Howie Waterman

Head of Media Relations