Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Druid Software are announcing the validation of a complete 5G core network on OCI. Fully tested and verified on OCI, Druid’s Raemis core platform provides enterprise customers and cloud service providers (CSPs) with a powerful turnkey solution to quickly deploy a private 5G network and run custom applications on top of it. The Druid core uses Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) and cloud native tooling and was tested with multiple simultaneous devices on the network, demonstrating reliable end-to-end data connectivity and low-latency performance.

Figure 1: Druid Software’s Raemis 5G Core Running on OCI


In the 5G era, private networks are playing an increasingly important role in delivering enterprise solutions to customers. You can deploy them on a single site, such as in a factory warehouse, or over a wide area network to support connectivity across a campus environment. This flexibility enables enterprises to achieve highly reliable, low-latency, and secure end-to-end communication across hundreds of thousands of devices in the field. You can quickly deploy new enterprise applications in a cloud native manner, achieving faster time-to-market for new services.

Druid’s 5G core on OCI enables enterprises and telcos to deploy private networks of various sizes, which is ideal when customers are looking to test network deployments on a few hundred devices before scaling out to thousands. With OCI’s 41 public cloud regions around the globe, deploying a 5G core on OCI’s carrier grade platform is readily accessible from almost any location. OCI’s distributed cloud portfolio provides you the flexibility to run core network functions and applications on-premises using OCI Dedicated Region or Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer.

Figure 2: Deployment of Druid’s Raemis core in an OCI public region

“We’re excited to work with a partner like Druid that offers a complete and proven 5G core solution,” said Douglas Mortensen, senior director of product development at Oracle. “Druid on OCI provides our enterprise customers and CSPs with an easy-to-deploy and reliable private network in a box.”

OCI provides a carrier grade, highly secure platform for CSPs to run demanding telco network workloads and supports highly performant cores like Druid’s Raemis. OCI natively provides advanced capabilities for these workloads, such as for SR-IOV and DPDK, and enables cloud native network functions (CNFs), such as the 5G user plane function, to operate with performance on OCI regions. OCI also supports flexible shapes for telco workloads, enabling CSPs to customize the number of cores and amount of memory in 1-core or 1-GB increments when launching or resizing Compute instances. This functionality allows telcos to optimize and right-size network functions and other workloads for the needed performance while minimizing costs.


What Raemis provides

The Druid Raemis core platform is a 3GPP-compliant core network supporting 5G SA, NSA, and 4G with unique features designed specifically for enterprise critical communications. For example, the platform is differentiated by its ability to easily prioritize and “slice” devices, while providing them with a guaranteed quality of service. Raemis also scales up as easily as it scales down, enabling the setup of small or large private networks.

With Raemis, customers have the flexibility to choose their own RAN vendor. Druid provides validated interoperability with a multitude of small cell RAN vendors. To date, Raemis has been tested with 35 5G small cells, giving customers various options to choose from, from indoor setups to outdoor specialists.

You can also deploy Raemis at the near or far edge using Oracle’s Compute Cloud@Customer or Roving Edge Infrastructure solutions, which provide the flexibility for highly resilient mobile use cases and customers who can’t store their data in the public cloud. Built with open REST APIs, Raemis provides easy integration to enterprise critical applications and makes private networks simple to use and manage with a user-friendly dashboard.

“Our collaboration with Oracle focuses on delivering solutions for enterprise customers,” said Liam Kenny, CEO of Druid Software. “We’re leveraging OCI’s global presence and distributed cloud portfolio to provide enterprises and telcos with the maximum flexibility to run our Raemis core network functions in the closest OCI public cloud region or in their own data center. With this flexibility, enterprises and operators can focus on delivering the applications they need over a highly performant private 5G network.”

Want to know more?

Druid’s 5G core and OCI’s carrier grade platform offer enterprises and CSPs a reliable and resilient cloud solution to build and deploy a complete private network. To learn more, see Telco Cloud Infrastructure and Druid Software.


Written by

Rahul Peravali
Principal Product Manager – Oracle

Kashif Mahmood
Executive Architect – Oracle