This joint initiative evaluates feasibility and validates the performance of the private 5G control plane functions of Druid’s Raemis™ 5G core and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) software running in the public cloud. 

The virtualization and disaggregation of mobile network systems is leading to mobile network operators (MNOs) trialing and deploying an increasing number of network elements in the public cloud. Using the public cloud may bring a more flexible and beneficial cost structure for workloads thanks to the ability to scale these network elements to meet variable demands. The decision to move any network element to the cloud, however, comes with a raft
of questions to resolve including:

  • Is the workload ready for public cloud?
  • Is the public cloud network ready for telco specific protocols?
  • Can the cloud service meet an uptime commitment of 99.999%?
  • Does the cloud service introduce any new security or regulatory issues?
  •  What are the cloud instance characteristics?

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