Security and Policing, Farnborough, UK – March 7th 2019 – ip.access has today announced the signing of a distribution agreement with Druid Software, industry leaders in cellular network software technology, to provide highly secure, private network solutions for ip.access customers in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

Druid Software and ip.access build upon a strong partnership that spans many years where Druid’s private networks and ip.access’ carrier grade small cells are deployed in highly critical, large scale campus deployments like hospitals, elderly care villages, manufacturing facilities, hotel chains and most recently instant networks for security, policing and fire services.

A recent system was deployed as a rapid network solution for incident first responders. The system provided dedicated private LTE for drones, body worn cameras, vital sign and mobile devices technology at the incident site. Decisions can now be made in real time over Druid’s and ip.access’ instant network which provide a much clearer assessment of the dangers of a situation and how to deal with it in the quickest and safest manner.

Commenting on today’s announcement,  CEO of ip.access Richard Staveley said: “We have been delivering private networks with Druid for our international customers for many years now. These latest features and advancements are game changers in Security and Policing and are very relevant to our audience at this Home Office event today. Dedicating specific data streams like live video, audio or critical Push-to-Talk and providing greater coverage range means our customers have an even safer and more efficient environment to work in.”

Welcoming the announcement, Liam Kenny CEO of Druid Software said: “The partnership with Druid and ip.access goes back many years to when some of the first small cells appeared in the industry. Their focus on private network solutions is very timely with the advent of Industrial IoT and 5G and means end users reap the benefit of even tighter integration of ip.access carrier grade small cell portfolio and Druids private network technology.”



About Druid Software: Wicklow based Druid Software is an Irish software development company providing virtualised mobile core network technology and solutions with a specific focus on business users. Druid supply 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G core and access network technology and components to Global System Integrators and Network Equipment Providers enabling them to deliver both stand alone and roaming mobile communications solutions tailored for business needs. Druid are a leading supplier of private cellular solutions globally with deployments in Europe, the US and Asia.


About ip.access: ip.access develops 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G carrier grade small cell radio solutions. The company has two primary lines of business; commercial communications networks deployed with service providers, and private networks deployed with system integrators for critical infrastructures, security and surveillance.

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